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  The Tire Rack

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100,000 Club

3562 days (bought in April 2008) I passed the 100,000 milestone. Bought 1 set of tires, 2 batteries, wiper blades, rear brakes, 19 oil changes, 10 air filters, and 5 cabin filters. At the time I wanted a car that would get me from point A to point B as cheap as possible. Without a lot of research this is my best guess on costs.

$12,362 Purchase Price
$ 1,500 Tax, Title Registration
$ 6,500 Gas
$ 2,500 Insurance
$ 1,200 Maintenance

$24,062 Total. About $0.24/Mile

Hard to predict the future but I think I will keep the car another 10 years.
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Dude. If you live in Arizona i think you might be able to get another 20 years out of your Yaris very easily. No rust. No moisture. You have no idea how much easier it makes repairs compared to the rusty crap we have in more Northern climbs. Most of these cars are so bloody good the only thing that will send most of them to the scrap is rust.
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Unsure how you only get through one set of tires in 10years in AZ lol

They likely dry rot like crazy. I can't stand dry cracked tires.

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