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  The Tire Rack

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Old 01-28-2018, 10:53 PM   #19
Obsessed with 1.5L
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i thought about doing something like this years ago. But aint many trails out here to make use of it.

kool that someone finally did something
-Greg...the Exhaust Freak.

-'10 PW sedan 106whp/110wtq, full exhaust, suspension goodies
-'82 Malibu, 1uzfe swap
-97 Tercel coupe, 1nzfe swap coming soon
-'84 Bonneville, 311, 200r4, 4.11 8.5 w/ spool
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Old 03-06-2018, 04:33 PM   #20
Yaris Tortuga
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Unfortunately my phone was messed up during most of the build so I didn`t get many photos. It all started last January when it started to snow that I made up my mind that I would finally get the 215 75 15 BF Goodrich KO2s that the machine always needed. I ordered them up at our local tire shop. I went home and started to get to work on getting the big boots to fit. I took a trammel and traced out a 14.75 inch radius at the wheel wells. With a zip disc I cut the wheel wells open and removed all of the plastic inner fenders. Installed rubber spring spacers on all four corners and massaged the body up front with the BFH. That got me up high enough to get rolling but I soon found out the spacers weren't going to cut it. I was still getting serious tire rub. Not wanting to wreck $800 worth of new meat, I got new springs for the back and the front struts resprung. Soon found that the new springs in the back were topping out my shocks so installed some taller shocks. It all worked out pretty awesome. I was still getting a little rub up front and gave up a lot of turning radius but I was set for wheeling! It was about a week before heading down to Mexico that I sourced a matching 15 inch rim and got the 5th tire so I had a full size spare. That brought up the next issue, carrying the spare. I built and installed the roof rack the day before the big Mexico trek began. The Tortuga got her name and worked great down on the Baja. She loves it down there and the Baja loves her.
So all went well with Tortuga until last September when Tortuga and I went for a little swim down by the Fraser. What looked like a foot deep puddle turned out to be a 2 foot deep pond and she hydro locked... Shit, Damn, Fart!!! It was a sad day to see her on the back of buddies trailer getting a ride home. There she sat in the back yard for about 5 months!!! In the mean time I had picked up a 2006 Yaris with 230,000km on it for 2Gs and drove that around for a few months. Come January it was time to think about heading down to the Baja again so Tortuga had to get back on the road. The new Yaris became donor Yaris. I pulled the engine and tranny out of Tortuga and took the opportunity to get a little more lift in the front. I went down to our local pic-a-part and cut the front strut tower caps out of a wrecked Yaris. I cut 4 steel tube spacers at 1.25" and bolted the new caps under mine and welded them in. Another 1-1/2" up front just that easy. There were a few minor issues with getting the new engine in but inside of a week Tortuga was back on the road bigger and better than ever.
So that is the Tortuga story so far. The story is far from over. Still many mods on the list. Snorkel, Bumpers, Fender flares, Visor, Winch and more power!!!
Tortuga has been a blast. I have a 4runner and a Harley in the garage but it`s Tortuga that gets used.
If you guys could help me out with the power issue that would be great. This 1.5lt just doesn't`t cut it. I`ve got a few stickers on the back and was told that they would provide an extra 15HP but so far they aren't working.
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Old 03-06-2018, 07:21 PM   #21
David C
Drives: White '07 3dr LB
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Did you stick the stickers in the right orientation ? Check their alignment with a timing gun, to make sure to get full HP from them.
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