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Rear Passenger Area Power Outlet DIY - Sedan

Cost: Less than $10
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate depending upon experience

bizzlebaby posted up a thread a few days back (, but I wanted to elaborate for those that are not sure what to do. There was already a couple DIY's however they did not route to here and were similar, but different.

NOTE: Do at your own risk. I take no responsibility for broken parts or damaged wiring. This is a simple electrical mod however be sure that you are comfortable with tapping wiring and cutting into your interior panels.

So for those are not familiar with how they can accomplish this:

Tools Required:

- 12v accessory outlet kit ( I used Radio Shack part 270-1556 10 Amp 12v)
- Philips head screw driver
- Sharpie Marker
- Tape Measure
- wire cutter and strippers
- solder gun or wire clips
- 1 1/8" hole drill bit with drill
- utility knife
- 30 to 60 minutes of your day
- 1/4" long self tapping screw
- electrical tape (only needed if you choose to solder rather than wire clip)
- hoop connector for ground wire if your outlet didn't come with one
- Test light or voltmeter
- Zip Ties


1) Remove bottom center console molding piece.

2) Remove shifter knob. (how to remove depends on what you have for a knob)

3) Carefully pull off the console section that surrounds your shifter. It has a couple clips up front and a few more going toward the back of the vehicle.

4) Remove the section that surrounds your parking brake and unplug the factory 12v power receptacle.

5) Remove the two screws that holds the top of the rear center console panel at the top "inside" the rear cup holder area. (NOTE: I already have my flip section of the cup holder removed so I could use a screwdriver with ease. You would have to possibly use a stubby screwdriver if the flip section is in place.)

6) Carefully remove the rear center console panel so that you don't break any clips. Since I had my flip section removed I was able to "pry" with my hand flat from the top. If yours is in place, which it most likely is, then you will need to be even more careful.

7) Take your rear console panel to your work area. You can choose to install where bizzlebaby did which has a downward angle or you can do as I did and install somewhere more "centered" on the lower portion of the have plenty of room either way. I have a friend that actually decided to install 2 of them side by side. Your preference and mileage may vary. Mark the center of your drill point with your Sharpie Marker.

8) Drill your mounting hole with your 1 1/8" hole bit. I placed a piece of scrap wood under the panel to ensure that the clips did not receive unneeded stress or stress bending of the panel. Once you have the hole drilled depending on where you placed the center of the hole you might notice that you have drilled through part of the reinforcement fins on the inside of the panel. Either way, take your utility knife and clean up the edges of the hole. If you have cut through any of the fins carefully carve off roughly an 1/8" of an inch of the fin on both sides near your hole.

9) If your wires for the outlet are pre-connected like mine were in the package feed them through your new hole so that you can perform a test fitment. If you have an outlet as the one I picked up it has a fin running down one side to help keep the outlet from spinning once it clips into place. Align your outlet in the hole so that if the cover has writing on it you can read it properly. Take your Sharpie and mark this point. Carefully cut a small wedge out where this will be with your utility knife. Once you are confident that your wedge cut is sufficient clip the outlet into place in your panel.

10) Take your panel back into the rear of your car and route your wiring up through to the center of your console so that the wiring is out of the way. I ran mine under some of the carpeting down the passenger side of the console.

11) At this point you have two options for your positive wire. You can use wire clips or solder with electrical tape to get yourself connected. You can tap into the positive wire (the one without the black line) for the factory outlet. You will see in my implementation I have already tied into that circuit for the illumination light for my fogs.

12) I now used the same self tapping screw that I used to provide the ground I needed for other things in my console area which you can do the same. If your outlet didn't come with a hoop connector then you will need to have one crimped on the end of your ground wire.

13) Now that you have your wiring attached go ahead and turn on your ignition so that you can confirm you have power with your test light or voltmeter.

14) Once you have confirmed that you have clean power you can shut off your ignition. If you feel that you have excess wiring and didn't clip it to proper length now would be the time to zip tie the wiring down where you feel is feasible so that it is out of the way.

15) Reinstall all of your panels in reverse order and you should be good to go!

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Do you have pictures by any chance of your outlet placement?
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Gotta check the dates man. That was 9 years ago.
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Xd/2zr-fe Swap/Build Thread

Bolt-in 3.75" Suspension Lift Build Thread
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