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I've made a post!
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First my AC wasn't draining and kept holding water and making a whining noise from the blower motor. Then it started draining and kept making the noise and got to the point where it wasn't working. I could hit the dash and it would start right back up, that went on for about 2 weeks and now nothing it's dead no AC at all. Is it most likely the blower motor or the whole AC assembly is my question? Can anyone advise me on this please It's too hot in FL to have kids and no AC.

Desperate single mother
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HVAC drain hose line Yaris

Don't know what car doesn't have a thin drain hose somewhere pointing down towards the road coming from the HVAC housing. (where the blower and AC cold radiator and heater radiator are all inside.)The hose can get clogged with debris. (I saw one Florida car with plants growing in the dirt on the cowl screen.) Get car on ramps or a lift or jacks or jackstands in some safe manner and poke a wire or coat hanger or something up that little hose. (Note: that's general advice...I haven't seen or looked for the hose on my new 2007 Yaris, so there may be some special solution or trick. Don't poke anything to hard with anything too sharp, or you could have coolant or "Freon" escaping.)
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The whining noise.

There isn't a filter in the inlet from inside the cab. If you have loose stuff like napkins or paper in your glove box, it might find it's way into the fan compartment. This has happened twice to me, the first was a napkin and the most recent last week was a coupon (lol).

Easy fix... just open the glove box, to the right is a dampener ( to keep the box from slamming open), gently take it out. You might have to squeeze the tip of the pin to allow the hoop to come off. Then the glove box is resting on it's hinge. Tug on it and it should come loose. Then take it out.

Behind the glove box is a little compartment ( white). Open it and look inside. If you can't see anything, put your hand in there to feel if something is in the fan blades. Take it out.

** of course have the engine and fan off when you're in there.

While you have everything off, turn it on with the fan on to see if that addressed your fan issue.

I'm not sure about having to hit the controls/ dash to get things to start again.

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air conditioning, blower motor, noisey ac, not draining

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