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Originally Posted by valchrist90731 View Post
If your grinding while shifting into reverse. Learn from your mistakes. Put the car into first gear then shift it in reverse. Grinding is due to the driver most of the time.

Have patience with your car and it will drive smoother.
This was to inform all on how to reduce grinding when shifting into reverse.

This was written respectfully as possible.
I will be as respectful as possible as well. This issue with shifting into reverse with the stock or other conventional fluod is a known issue. Expecting someone to shift into first just to shift into reverse is unacceptable. Telling someone to be patient isn't a cure to the problem. Sure, it is possible that drivers are over anxious to shift, but the issue has even been noted in published reviews. Once again reviewers could be over anxious to shift, but they have experienced many many manual transmissions in most cases so they have firm ground to stand on regarding the behavior. I have driven a few dozen different manuals from various vendors and have experienced this only on well worn transmissions not brand new ones. I had the issue within the first 1000 miles. Changed to synth and bam, resolved. There is a reason why so many manufacturers are switching to even requiring synthetic; it is a much more tolerant and better working lubricant.

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