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Drives: Yaris 2007 1.3 2SZFE 64kW
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Brake + clutch bleeding nipples

Hi folks,
I am getting closer to the brake bleeding using a power bleeder.
The brakes have been bled two years ago so I hope the nipples will not be too rusty and stiff and I will be able to loose them.

But... in case I cannot... and WD40 does not help... I would like to have some spare ones in case I need to get them out some nasty way (I know that with hexagonal wrench I should not strip them but who knows).

I have read a few articles and it seems that there may be actually several versions of those bleeding nipples differing in diameter, length etc... and that the only safe way to get a proper one is to screw one out, measure it and buy it then. Which is not a good advice in case I want to buy them beforehand.

Is there something like "common set of bleeders" I should get in case I do not know which ones fit? I know that front and rear nipples differ. And how about the clutch slave cylinder? Is the nipple there the same as for the front or rear wheels or is it a third size?

I am driving Yaris 2007 2SZ-FE 1.3 64kW hatchback 5-door.

Thanks for any comment on that... :)
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Tip: Tighten the bleeder nipples a touch until you just feel them move, or hear a crack, before trying to loosen. This works well on bleeders especially because even if you break one, you know it's still tight and not going to leak. Bolts/bleeders are much stronger on tension (tightening) so they are less likely to break.
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