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Pressure washer for the car!?

I want to get a pressure washer for the car, but I'm still wondering which one should I buy. Which high pressure cleaner do you use and are you happy with it?
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I chose a very low psi pressure washer (1600psi) so as to not damage the paint or ceramic coating on my car. It's a Simoniz brand which you may only be able to purchase in Canada. Its electric and pretty cheap to buy since its low powered. I personally would never use a 3000psi pressure washer on my paint but that's me

It also came with a foam cannon which I really wanted and it works great
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In general, I can say that in addition to the price and performance especially the ergonomics is crucial if you want to buy a new high-pressure cleaner. Because working with the water lance requires proper power and takes more time than you might think. Try the high-pressure cleaner therefore necessarily before buying in the store! Take it in your hand and imitate the work movement. So you can tell if it fits you ergonomically too.
I myself also have this one and he does his work at home and car to my complete satisfaction. However, I bought my much cheaper, was a good offer at my local store.
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Old 11-30-2018, 08:43 PM   #4
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not sure if you guys in London have Ryobi or AR Blue.

Some detailers I talk to are quite happy with the little units by these companies.

Kranzle is good and based out of Europe, so that is an option.
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Kaotic Lazagna
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I was about to get an AR Blue unit until I read that their quality has gone down the toilet. Was about to get a Stanley unit, but then read AR Blue makes their units. I ended up with a Ryobi to go along with our electric lawn mower. Works great.

Just make sure you use a 40* nozzle when you're washing your car, that way you don't risk damaging your paint.

That was with the Ryobi unit, some cheap foam cannon from Amazon, and Meguiar's gold class soap.
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