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Old 02-23-2018, 10:01 PM   #1
Drives: 2010 3 Door L
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Odd Transmission Indicator behavior

Good evening all,
I'll try and make this short. This evening as I was leaving work I noticed that my check engine light and traction control lights were both on. I though it very odd so I left work (or I would ave been locked in), found a parking lot and disconnected the battery. 2 minutes later I reconnected the battery, fired her up and the lights were gone but the gear indicator on the dash was flickering. and then disappeared completely. I started to drive home and the CEL and the traction control lights reappeared but it drove with no issues and about half way into the trip the gear indicator reappeared. Stopped at Advanced and had them scan the codes. The only one it threw was P0705 (Transmission Range Sensor). Disconected the battery again, waited, reconnected. Fired it up again and got a sound like an electric fan running. Oh crap! Shut it down, restarted, and heard the same until I dropped it into reverse and everything settles down. Got home with no issues so I'm not sure what's up. Could it be a bad sensor -OR - due the fact that we have had 10" of rain in the last three day and I commute 100 miles a day have I drowned something out? I'm tempted to unplug the connectors, clean them with contact cleaner, apply dielectric grease, and see if it that might be the issue. Thoughts? Thank y'all for the insights! I really can't afford to grenade a transmission so I want to be proactive...

Update: The fan sound appears as soon as I start the car and goes away as soon as I pull the transmission out of park after which it doesn't return if I put the car back into park but if I shut the engine off and restart it does return until I do the take it out of park routine.

Update #2: If I start the car in neutral no weird electric fan noise, just a smooth start up as expected.
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Old 02-25-2018, 04:51 PM   #2
Drives: 2010 3 Door L
Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Posts: 22
Looks like it was just a loose plug on the gear selector unit. Pulled both plugs, cleaned and greased, and re-installed. Interestingly, it took a LOT of pressure to get the shifter linkage plug to snap back in place but all is well now and the odd noise at start up in Park has also departed! Took advantage of the situation to clean the throttle body and MAF sensor and clean and grease all the connectors I had to unplug while I was at it and was rewarded with a smoother idle and better running conditions in general! A bit unnerving and a PITA but well pleased that it is sorted!
"Sanity? What would I do with something as useless as that?
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Old 02-26-2018, 02:30 PM   #3
Drives: 07 BB yaris / 06 Mustang Gt
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My car had same problem except my car wouldn’t shift out of first gear. Unplugged both connecter and vacuumed inside , one had sand inside. Now is working fine. 183k Miles on it.
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