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I've made a post!
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Post Toyota Throttle Body Spacer: the Best Fuel-Saving Device

Every vehicle owner would always aim for an efficient and a hardworking auto engine not only to achieve the great driving performance that many drivers crave for but also for the practical reason that fuel nowadays have become so expensive that every drop must be completely burned by the engine the moment it gets inside the combustion chamber. This is to maximize the use of the fuel and to save on gasoline expenses. Besides, fuel efficiency can be translated into more horsepower and better mileage, creating more energy to power the drive. For this to be realized, every Toyota model can be installed with a Toyota Throttle Body Spacer which is a very simple device but can greatly help the engine to burn fuel completely. This device has been in the market for quite sometime and is a popular component for power upgrade among many auto enthusiasts.

What is a throttle body spacer and how does it work? Moreover, how does it help reduce fuel consumption and improve driving power among automobiles? Many professional race car drivers have been actually using this device. It is installed in between the intake manifold and the carburetor. With this spacer, the inlet becomes longer, causing the incoming air to tumble and rotate like a tornado. The resultant effect is the easy breaking up of the air stream, causing the droplets of fuel to atomize more thoroughly and creating a very fine air-fuel mixture. This mixture can be easily compressed in the combustion chamber and a mere spark of the plug will completely burn it. Because the fuel is completely burned, no black smoke will come out of the tail pipe into the environment. This would also mean that there will be no harmful gases that may bring greenhouse effect and cause environmental problems as well as health risks. In the context of savings and power, every Toyota auto will be able to increase its mileage by as much as 20 percent, which is already very significant, when installed with this spacer. It is never too difficult to mount a Toyota Throttle Body Spacer because this will only require very simple automotive tools. However, drivers and vehicle owners must take note of the specificity of this device to avoid buying the wrong model. The specific Toyota model must be greatly considered so that the appropriate Toyota Throttle Body Spacer can be fitted in.

Toyota drivers must always bear in mind that every Toyota vehicle is never out of room when it comes to improvements and upgrades, especially in terms of power and performance. There are a variety of automotive products and parts which are geared towards the development of automobiles in various aspects performance, looks, savings, and even driving safety. The savings that can be enjoyed after the installation of a throttle body spacer can even be used for further improving the other systems of the automobile. However, there must be prioritization so that those which are really in dire need of a replacement can be given the first attention. It is also important to practice car management to avoid neglecting some of the most delicate parts of the vehicle.
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vroom vroom
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oh yes, I am sure our carburators will benefit from a tornado intake... a chrome plated distributor cap might be a good idea too!

Dude, all these magival "devices" have been scientifically proven to do nothing for power or fuel efficiency, in fact a lot of them are detrimental.

Plus, with that link in your sig, this screams well-hidden spam to me...
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Bye bye 1NZ...
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