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Originally Posted by fsj2 View Post
I want to wire up some aftermarket LED driving lights. I want them to come when the car is in drive. Is there a easy place to connect them? 2010 5 dr HB. Thanks.
To have them come on when the car is "In drive" with an automatic transmission, you could tap the connector C27 on the transmission. The 10A Gauge circuit feeds through the Park/Neutral/Position Switch on the A/T to feed the indicator on the cluster and the ECM with the position of the A/T shift. For low power lights (LED lights under 1A) you could feed them directly. For high power lights (incandescents or HIDs) you would have the Drive indicator feed the coil of a relay, which would then have it's own power feed for the lights.

C27 is the 9 pin connector on the front of the transmission (by the shift linkage). It has a row of 4 and a row of 5 pins. The center wire (light blue) on the 5 pin row is the "Drive" indicator wire. It will have 12V on it when the shift is in drive. For ground, you can grab a chassis ground, like the ground bolt under the left headlight.
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