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Headlight adjuster (not adjustment)

Hi Everybody,

Been loving my Yaris for years and it is still going strong. Yesterday replaced the headlights and upon re-assembly found out that the passenger side headlight was not securely in place. I noticed that when I grabbed the socket/plug I could easily move the inner assembly up and down. I then saw that the adjuster was freely moving in and out and not holding things in place.

I popped the adjuster off to look at it and have not tried to open it up yet. But am guessing it has worn or stripped threads or gears inside of it allowing it to easily slide inside itself with out turning.

I thought, no problem I will go online and order one and it will be a simple fix. Well it appears that they do not sell these separate from the headlight assemblies. I was hoping someone here might know of a source to get just this part. If not I will be trying to open it up and find a fix. Maybe someone has already dealt with this problem and has a simple fix.


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