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Old 06-06-2022, 08:42 AM   #1
Drives: yaris p13 1.0
Join Date: May 2022
Location: Belgium
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rear O2 sensor voltage

Hi all, can someone with a 2015 (1.0 eng) check the rear O2 sensor voltage on his car for me? I'm reading constant 1.28V
Replaced it already 2x with a new one but no change. We get a check eng light once in a while and always together with ABS light but the code points to O2 sensor. (forgot the exact code).
Maybe someone has a wiring diagram for this car?
Thanks in advance
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Old 06-23-2022, 10:49 AM   #2
Drives: yaris p13 1.0
Join Date: May 2022
Location: Belgium
Posts: 2
update: what i found so far... the voltage of 1.28V is normal on this sensor. It only starts to decrease while driving and getting the cat hot enough (+/-600C). I tested this with the live data feature on the obd scanner. So i know the sensor is working properly. The only code i'm getting now is P0137 wich means low voltage for extended time also together with the ESP light (slipping car light) and not the ABS like i said before. After some research on the internet i found that this is a common thing on toyota's and lexus's. The ECU will trigger a safety when a check eng light comes on and will shut off the abs/esp/trac.
So the P0137...this could point to an exhaust leak. This will be my next step in troubleshooting when i get my car back from the stealership. I brought the car in to have them check out the code, since they have a more fancy computer, and all they came up with was; "so we cleared the code and drove it around for an hour and the fault didn't come back". duh, thanks but i did that already 4 times... it always comes back.
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