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DIY Cruise Control FAQ (2006-2010 Yaris)

There are many threads regarding DIY cruise control. The purpose of this one is to centralize all of the information.

By DIY Cruise Control, I am referring to using the functionality built into the US and Canadian Yaris' ECM, as opposed to installing a 3rd party cruise control system. All US and Canadian Yaris (2006+) have this capability built into the ECM. Thus far we have found that European and Australian Yaris do not.

The following chart details the scope based on year, transmission type, and DIY method. For methods, one may choose to purchase the Toyota OEM Cruise Control stalk (which mounts to the right side of the steering wheel) or to do the DIY switch method (which uses low cost push button switches and resistors to achieve the same functionality as the OEM stalk).

CC Matrix.jpg

Part Numbers:

Toyota OEM Cruise Control Stalk: 84632-34011

Toyota OEM Cruise Control Stalk Wire (Required to connect the stalk to the spiral cable, within the steering wheel): 84633-42030 or 84633-02020 (this new PN has replaced the other)

Lower Steering wheel cover (with the hole already in it for the cruise stalk):45184-52130-B0

ECM repair terminal (Used to add the connection to pin 40 of connector A21 of the ECM on Yaris where "wiring to the ECM" is required - Quantity 1 required): 82998-24250

Spiral Connector Repair Terminals (Used to add the two pins to the steering column end of the spiral cable on Yaris where "Extra pins to the spiral cable" is required - Quantity 2 required): 82998-12870

Cruise Control Clutch Switch (Required for all Manual Transmission Yaris): 88280-14030

Here is my complete installation guide for installing cruise control on any 2006-2011 US/Canada/PR Yaris with the OEM Cruise Control Stalk:

Threads with specific information / DIYs:

1. The original thread where we discussed if this could be done and made the discovery that it could:

2. My DIY for the 2 or 4 switch method. This thread details what is required to assemble the DIY switches and connection of them to the spiral cable connector on 2009+ Yaris, which have the wiring in place from the ECM to the steering column.

3. Vince87's DIY for 07-08 (really 06-08) detailing the ECM pin connection and clutch switch installation using the 2 or 4 switch method:

4. PeteZNY's DIY for installing the OEM stalk. This thread details pulling the airbag to install the OEM stalk on an 09:

5. A link to a post detailing my Cruise Control Indicator Module, which provides a visual indicator that cruise control is on for Yaris which don't have an indicator on the cluster:

6. A DIY that I put together that shows how to disconnect the ECM connector an how to install the pin in position 40 of connector A21:

7. I have some stalks with the wire and mounting screws for sale (I also have a couple of the cruise control clutch switches, required for MT cars):

8. I also have some of the repair pins for the ECM connector and the steering column connector:

The combination of the material in the above threads covers everything required from the chart above. You may have to use parts from more than one to cover your particular installation.

FAQs not covered above:

Where can I get the OEM stalk? From a Toyota dealer, eBay or junkyards. The stalk for the Yaris is also used on the following Vehicles:
Camry 04-09
ES300 04-09
Scion TC 04-09
Sequoia 04-09
4Runner 04-09
Corolla 08-09
ES350 06-09
FJ 06, 08
GS450H 06-09
GX470 04-09
Highlander 04-09
IS F 07-09
IS250 05-09
Land Cruiser 04-09
LX470 04-09
LX570 07-09
Prius 04-09
RAV4 04-09
RX330 04-09
RX400H 05-09
Scion xB 07-09
Scion xD 07-09
Tundra 04-09

The stalk wire is also used on the following vehicles:
Corolla 08-09
RAV4 05-08

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