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Captain Slow
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History/Background of NETZ emblem?

I keep seeing them and I see that JDM models appear to all have them....what is it?

My research reveals something about a NETZ Dealer Network, but that doesn't say much. Is it a Toyota sub-brand in Japan? What am I missing here? Thanks.
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Yes, Netz is a sub.
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"Netz" is an acronym that means "N etwork of E nergetic T eams for Z enith
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It's kind of like a sub-marque of Toyota in Japan. Kinda like Scion here is sold exclusively in conjunction with Toyota dealerships.

From Wikipedia:
In Japan, Toyota currently maintains separate dealership sales channels, called "Toyota Store" (トヨタ店) that was established in 1955, which sells large luxury sedans like the Toyota Century, and the Toyota Crown, "Toyopet Store" (トヨペット店), that was originally established to sell the Toyota Corona and the Toyota Corona Mark II in 1957, "Toyota Corolla Store" (トヨタカローラ店), created to sell the Toyota Corolla in 1966, "Toyota Netz Store" (ネッツ店), that sells the Toyota Raum and the Toyota RAV4, and "Lexus" (レクサス). In 2004, the Toyota Netz Store replaced the "Toyota Vista Store" (トヨタビスタ店), which was established at the introduction of the Toyota Vista, and the Toyota Cresta in 1980. "Netz" is an acronym that means "Network of Energetic Teams for Zenith."

"Toyota Vista Store" joined and eventually replaced a sales channel called "Toyota Auto Store" (トヨタオート店) that sold the Toyota Sprinter established in 1966. Due to some models sold at "Toyota Netz" having been rebranded as Lexus, like the Toyota Altezza, and the Toyota Aristo, plus market changes that are affecting the sales of some slower selling models, "Toyota Netz" is being reintegrated into "Toyota Store" and "Toyota Corolla Store" locations. Most models were exclusive to particular retail chains, while some models, like the Prius, are available at all sales channels. The following are models that are available at retail channels nationally, as retail chains in Tokyo and Osaka are different.
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Very interesting, I was also wondering what all this Netz stuff was about. Thanks to everyone who posted this information.
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