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Drives: Yaris 2003 1SZ-FE engine
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P1345 Error code

I have a 2003 Yaris T3 1.0 litre that I have been repairing (engine 1SZ-FE).
The correct error code that I am reading is P1345 Ė to best of my research is regarding the camshaft position sensor/wiring/ECM.
Before this error code appeared I did some other work on the car. The car occasionally stalled either whilst driving, or repeatedly when starting up. Also within the engine, there was a bad noise coming from the timing chain area.

I removed the camshaft head and inspected the timing chain with looked slack. Also noticed the teeth on the sprockets are warn in. removed the timing chain cover and oil sump to replace the timing chain, all the sprockets (including the VVT) and tensioner. As well as replacing the oil filter and oil.
Reassembled and the engine made much less noise and performance increased. But the engine would still cut out. The car runs around 580/600 revs when warm and idling. Which seemed low to me, I think I read it should be between 630-750. I started to inspect the idle air system. I took off the air filter system and had the car idling and I sprayed some carburettor cleaner into the idle air Intake. When running the car next the engine didnít stall. So I took apart the carburettor and cleaned everywhere inside (it wasnít that dirty) but now it never stalls but still runs about 580/600 revs.

The first time the P1345 error code appeared was now (also this is the only time when the car has ever had an error code). It only appears when the engine coolant temperature reaches +70į, after about 5/10 minutes of driving. I can clear the code and 5/10mins later it appears. I also checked and cleaned the VVT filter, no success.

I tried testing the wiring with my multi-meter but I didnít really understand what I was doing. I just swapped out the camshaft position sensor for a new version. Engine code still appears.

So currently, timing chain parts and camshaft position sensor and oil filter replaced. carburettor and VVT filter cleaned. Engine code P1345 still keeps appearing. Iím pretty much at a dead end
Apart from the error code and the revs being a little low, the car runs brilliantly.

Anyone been down this road before?

Many thanks,
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p1345 error code

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