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Kaotic Lazagna
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Tein S.Tech, TRD shocks, Tanabe strut bar review

i just got back from vacationing at Santa Cruz. so basically, i had to drive on straight freeways, winding roads, uneven pavements, and in the city streets. with the Tein S.Tech springs, TRD Sportivo shocks, and the Tanabe strut bar, driving on the freeway was easier. i fought less with the steering wheel when there were cross winds. however, every imperfection that could not be avoided on the freeway was felt by my and my friend. note that it was just me and my friend with a crap load of luggage in the trunk. on the winding roads, the car felt more planted and firm than when i took my GTI on the same route. however, i had to take this part of the trip slower than the GTI since the tires that came from the factory are no where as sticky as the tires i bought for the GTI. just like the imperfections on the freeways, uneven and broken pavement (lots of this in Santa Cruz, CA) is very noticeable and felt with my set up. going into the hotel parking lot was hard too since it was on an incline, forcing me to take it at a 45 degree angle with my car so that my front lip won't scratch. driving down the wharf, my teeth were shattered into millions of pieces and blown into the sea. parking also became harder as well, since no matter how short the curb, i'll hit it if i'm not careful. i have not seen a curb that my car can park over yet. driving in the city is not that bad, but i had to be careful of any pot-holes and things like that. parking parallel to the curb, the passenger door is just an inch or two from scrapping when opened.

overall, i'm pretty satisfied with this set up and highly recommend it. however, if you live in a place that has uneven pavement, i would go with less of a drop and softer springs. if you're looking for a set up that's cheaper than coil-overs, this set up is just right.
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