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Well here are some basic guidelines everyone should try to follow:

This is a Yaris enthusiast community, first and formost we are a community. Please respect each other in this way, be helpful! If someone has a question, no matter how newbie it may seem, be helpful and spread the knowledge you've gained. Everyone has to start somewhere

At times there will be difference of opinions or arguments, never attack other YW members. We will not tolerate this, and we encourage our members to report posts in which someone attacks another member. We will respond quickly to correct the situation, we are a community and a club and will not tolerate trolls, etc...

Added by eTiMaGo:

We're all here for one reason: The Yaris. Whether it's a sedan or liftback, manual or automatic, it's the one reason we come here, right? Now everyone has their own vision for their car, it could be to keep it stock and maximize fuel economy, it could be to turn it into a lightweight, zippy autocross racer, it could be to extract as much acceleration out of it, or turning it to a Fast and Furious-worthy street racer, and so on, or even a little bit of all those. And the great thing is, this car has the potential to be all those things, even if you agree or not. And that's probably the problem, this forum attracts Yaris owners or prospective owners from all walks of life. We have 60-somethings, we have working people who depend on the car as a tool to get them from place to place, we have kids who just want to have the coolest car on the block, and all those visions are important to those people. Sure, it's fun to make jokes of the guy who's done some ricer kinda mods to his car, sure, it may be frustrating to see people so hell-bent on extracting performance out of a car that has not been designed to have much performance in the first place. But so what? If you think you know better, just leave a warning, and leave it at that. When someone doesn't follow your advice and gets burned in some way, then you have all the right to say "I told ya so". A fool and his money are soon parted, I believe the saying goes...

Signatures. Please be respectful to fellow members and keep signatures small, it tends to detract from the content of the posts.


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