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I've made a post!
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Cannot charge the AC

First, hello everyone! I've been a Toyota owner for...well, lets just say a very long time. We currantly have a very nice 2012 Yaris with a manual gearbox and about 112,000 miles on the old girl.A while ago while on the interstate a large rock from an uncovered dump truck hit the grill dead center and took out both the radiator and the AC condenser. I changed everything out with new parts. I pumped the system down and it held negative pressure for 15-20 min. Then I tried to charge the system. The system will not take freon. I cannot get a bit of freon in the system. I have been able to charge our 2002 Echo with no problem, as well as a variety of other cars and trucks. I have never had a system not take freon. I have the right equipment and tools and while not the greatest with AC I generally can get by.

So what is going on? I can't find a shop manual anywhere for a 2012 Yaris. Either paper or a CD, and no-where on line either. I have seen on-line where there is a low pressure switch in "some" Toyotas that is designed to protect the compressor. No-one seems to know exactly what models, if any have this switch or what years they came in, or where the switch is located for that matter. The thing is Toyota does not seem to know anything about this mystery switch. Anything anyone can share concerning charging one of these systems will be greatly appreciated!
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It's a pressure sensor, not a switch and would not impede the ability to charge the system. It should be easily visible on the a/c line right across from alternator.
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Toyota uses high pressure sensors/switches. GM products and usually most domestics use a low pressure switch. What do you mean it won't "take" the refrigerant? Are you saying the compressor won't kick on?
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i think he is running into the fact that he cant transfer anything into the system while its still under vac pressure,

only thing i can tell you to try is vent the system and re-vac it to prove to your schraders are working correctly, i mean honestly if you cant add freon you shouldnt be able to vent the vac presure either..which would be a schrader issue

you did replace the filter and dryer insert right?

only other piece i can think of that might give you issues would be the "block" on the condensor but youd still be able to prsureize the rest of the system
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