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Originally Posted by ROCKLAND TOYOTA View Post
here's an example for you taken from ROYCE himself:: In our efforts to make our guests happy, we want people to have a fair shake at awards. All judging will be held by an impartial committee who are not registered in any category.
Judging will be based on Overall Presentation. Not just how many Mods you may have, but how they all coincide together.
Customizations should be clean, seamless, near perfect.
Understandably event goers will be coming from all over, and will be driving their vehicles.
If a vehicle is registered for show category and has a little bit of dirt, it will not be held against it. Ofcourse if a vehicle is there for show, it should be presentable.

MY PROBLEM is a G37 who is friends with our judges won a HONORABLE MENTION trophy even though his front lip spoiler was held on by sheet metal screws which looked like shit. another example is JERKRATT and his non painted tie wrapped bumpers winning a 3rd place trophy when BRAZDON or someone else could have EASILY taken that one.

this last show was no exception especially when it came to the old school corolla's and the judges complete lack of knowledge about them.........

I did notice the lip on the G37 myself along with the screws. That's totally understandable and as for the the Corolla (old school), they should know what they are looking at and be true Toyota enthusiests to judge those if they are going to ask a question like that.
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