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Wagner ThermoQuiet PAB917 Brake Shoe alternative or in stock link?

I put these in my first yaris 4 years ago and they're still going strong. Tried to order some, but it seems they're not in stock anywhere. There's another one from wagner, but it doesn't seem to be ceramic. Any recommendations? I just had a crap experience with ACDelco, so I'd like to get something good, recommendations for brake hardware kit also welcomed. Thanks!

I just did my rear brakes a couple months ago. Got the ACDelco brake kit hardware, shoes and drums. Put it all on 104.6kmiles. Less than 4k miles later my rears start to sound like a semi on the freeway at stop and go traffic. Figured take out the new brake hardware and put in the old back (thanks past me for saving it.) The noise was reduced significantly, but there was still some whine when coming to a stop. Two weeks later, yesterday, i heard a small grinding/whining sound very high pitch while back up, forgot to look into it. Wake up this morning to go to work and now the noise is happening while moving forward. Drove 47miles to work hoping i wouldn't get stranded lol. Got to work fine, I hit the brakes a bit hard before I got there and there was a louder grind/whine.

On the way back home, no whine/grinding. Took both drums off and looked for wear marks, but everything looks fine. I think it's just crappy brakes. ACDELCO 18B577 Drum, ACDELCO 17917B Brake Shoe, ACDELCO 18K1782 Drum Brake Hardware Kit.
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