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I've made a post!
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Red face Steering wheel change


I currently have a 2015 Yaris sport, I have fitted a cruise control lever which wasn't on the car but came with all the sensors on the clutch brake etc. which works fine and has been on about a year. I'm looking to add the speed limiter button which is missing on the steering wheel. I've read on some other sites that you can't simply add the button but have to do some rewiring. So I'm looking to buy a second hand steering wheel off of eBay that has already got it wired into the steering wheel from a excel version. Is it as simple as swapping the steering wheels and just a few wires or is it more to do with the wiring still?

Any advice would be much appreciated

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You may want to check to local pick your part yard or even ebay. With LKQ Pick Your Part website, you can register your car and when a similar car comes into the yard, you will receive a email alert. First come, first served
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All depends on whether the clock spring has provision for that wire and the body harness that plugs into the clock spring at the bottom has the wire for the speed limiter. I'm not familiar with your Yarii in the UK, but if the same model came with a speed limiter in a different trim, there's a good chance you already have the wiring for it.

Easiest way to find out will be to get a day subscription to this site

Then check the wiring diagram for the model with the speed limiter to check you have the wiring in your body harness. The steering wheel and accompanying trim just need the same plugs as your current one, and you'd want to make sure the wires from the cruise and other buttons all trace back to the same wires where the body loom plugs into the clock spring.

Alternatively, take a punt, buy the wheel, plug it all in and see if it works :)
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