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The Official "Bambo the Yarisworld Traveler" thread (V1)

Bambo’s World Tour News

Bambo had a great time in Austraila with *MAD DOG* and Ferret_san. He is currently on the way back to the United States to meet with Black Yaris.

Bambo the YarisWorld Traveler

The main idea behind this is to have Bambo to represent YarisWorld via traveling to different locations around the world.

Meet Bambo:

How does this work?
Each participant would take pictures of Bambo with their Yaris in their city. After each participant is done touring with Bambo the participant would send Bambo to the next participant on the list.

Picture Requirements:
Each participant should take the following pictures:
1 picture of Bambo with your Yaris.
1 picture of Bambo in an area that identifies where he has been.

Any additional pictures you would like to include are welcomed.

What do you do with the pictures you take?
A sticky has been be made for the pictures to be posted here at YarisWorld. Also please be sure to add a small caption of the location of your photos.

Visit Guidelines:
Each participant would have 7 days to tour with Bambo. The participants will be responsible for sending Bambo to the next person on the list. Contact and shipping information will be provided to Bambo's current host from the next participant on the list via PM for our privacy.

Bambo Travel Route:
Home Base: NemesisZ – Departed
1. Astroman (Yakima, WA)
2. ChinoCharles (Hudson, OH)
3. (Johnstown, PA)
4. NineCount (St. Louis, MO)
5. kurokoma-kun (Tennessee)
6. Bob_VT (Castleton, VT)
7. Bailout (Reno, NV)
8. Doc Zaius (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
9. pandaris (Toledo, OH)
10. Ferret_san (Brisbane, Australia)
11. *MAD DOG* (Melbourne, Australia)
12. Black Yaris (Ohio)
13. eTiMaGo (Bangkok, Thailand)
14. dvlnblkdrs (Huntington Beach, CA)
15. DeliciousYaris2007 (Upstate, NY)
16. SailDesign (Rhode Island)
17. tinymilad (St. Louis, MO)
18. death is my gift (Dallas, TX)
19. YamilR (GTMO, Cuba)
20. slothman86 (Kingsland, GA)
21. uncleyaris (Toronto, Canada)
22. nypunk (New York)
23. cali yaris (Woodland Hills, CA)
24. Treyz (Long Island, NY)
25. KCALB SIRAY (Virginia)
26. jclo3313 (Woodstock, GA)
27. tk-421 (Mexico)
28. bubaa (Mexico)
29. staypuft (Chicago, IL)
30. TinyGiant (Rochester, NH)
31. engelm_ (Redlands, CA)
32. TheRealEnth (Miami, FL)
33. Zefoxe (New York)
34. at3GG (VA Beach)

Please help restore the participants list. This list is able to have changes made to accommodate our participants. I have re-compiled the list to the best of my ability using cached pieces of Bambo’s thread found on Google, the Wayback Machine and the Google maps travel list we made a few weeks ago.

If you were previously on the and are no longer on the list please PM me to be added to the list. I will make every attempt to keep the original list order as close as possible.(This policy is subject to change as order is restored.)

New Partcipants Request:
Please PM me to be added to the partcipants list.

This mishap will not happen again as I will be personally backing up this thread weekly with Snag-It and keeping a copy of the main post in a Word file in a few separate locations to prevent data loss.
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