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Drives: 2011 Yaris 1.3
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2011 1.3 Yaris wont start-silence from starter motor

2011 1.3 Yaris wont start-silence from starter motor.

2 months ago I bought a Yaris and it has been reliable until today. This morning I ran my Girlfriend to work and started it 3 times around 6am in temperatures of minus 10 C with no problems. At 5pm I came to start it to pick her up and it wouldn't start.

Symptoms:- Turn starter on key, ignition lights up on dash but not noise from starter motor, not even a solenoid type noise. There is a very faint noise from the dash but that does not sound like the starter solenoid.

Turning the headlights on and repeating does not cause the headlight brightness to dip indicating there is no power going to the starter motor. Also the nice bright headlights suggest my battery is OK. Also it had been driven 90 minutes earlier in the day so should be well charged.

There was no clunk noise you get with dirty battery terminals. Also all the dash lights did what they are supposed to. They didn't go dim on turning the starter.

The car is manual and has an eco mode where it turns the engine off at the lights and starts it when you press the accelerator. I am not certain but I think there is an interrupter switch forcing you to put the foot brake on when first starting, and if such is present then that's my no 1 suspect. I did try repeatedly pressing the brake pedal but it did not help.

The car is on a snow covered steep hill facing uphill with lots of parked cars, so its not safe to try push starting it.

I didn't attempt to do any mechanicing at all as it was going dark and minus 8 C . I am going to have a look at it in daylight tomorrow. In the meantime reading and asking on the forum is a lot better than fumbling round in the snow and dark !

Any tips of where to start looking would be most welcome.

In particular, I would like to know which is the starter relay switch. ( Car is left hand drive so should be same as US models ). For bonus points, once relay identified, which contacts to connect to jump the starter motor. I'm keen to learn how to do this on the Yaris for the future as I do lots of long distance trips where I need to keep going.

Also any info on any interrupter switch which may be fitted on or around the brake pedal, in particular where is it, is it likely to need just contacts cleaning, can I test it by simply by passing it / jumping across contacts ?

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