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Old 06-20-2022, 01:11 PM   #1
Drives: Toyota yaris 2011
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Car engine shutdown mid drive

So, i was driving with A/c on, i parked i left some friends in the car, after 10mins they told me the car started shaking so they turned it off,i come back after an hour or so, i try to turn it off(ac off fans off) , it turns on then off in 2s, i wait abit i turn on, it hold RP i start moving it works fine, i try turning on the a/c after 3mins it turns all fine, after 10mins i park and stay on the car with A/c on after 5mins it started shaking and losing rp i turned it off, waited like 10mins, start it, all fine, start driving, turn a/c, after few km at a speed bump the gas pedal stopped responding then it shutdown, i park, wait 5mins turn on again, drive 500m it turns off again same way, gas pedal stop working, then shutdown, this time i waited like 30mins, start it and drive for 100km without A/c and it was all good performance was like always or even better than with a/c, now i parked home and idk what to do next what to check or who should i consult

TOYOTA YARIS 2011 530000KM 1.3VVTI 86HP
Weather was 37-39C
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so i know theres a relay or something that triggers a higher rpm when the ac cycles, im betting thats the issue here, im just not entirely sure how that end of the system is handled, but it sounds like your dropping rpm which causses the shudder due to the AC load not being compensated for
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