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start mod

I built a capacitor start module with 80 farads of caps(14v in series) and hooked up to a half size motorcycle agm battery. The caps deliver about 240 amps. It was originally to replace the battery in a pick up with a 4 litre. BUt its not powerful enough for that engine. So I was wondering if it would work in the 1.5 litre Yaris. I would guess the Yaris needs about 200-240 amps to do a good start.
THe caps deliver most of that and then the battery lends 100 amps if needed. The agm is rated at 170 cca but can spike to 400 amps if needed. But if you wanted it to last it would be better to keep it down to 150 amps roughly I guess. Has anyone tried a supercap start on a Yaris 1.5? I want to know if there is some sensitive stuff that would get hurt from the cap shot. But really a good bttery gives just as much a shot of current as a cap module of this size does
so it seems it would be ok...but I want to get some info from others...
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I run an agm powersports battery in my car with a 2zr engine and it starts no problem. Have only used it as low as 0*C and it started fine after 24 hours of sitting.

In warm weather the rule of thumb is 1CCA per cubic inch of engine. In my case I needed around 110 cc's and iirc my battery is rated at 180cca's.

I have no experience with capacitors bit this is at least some real world experience with small batteries. With the 1nz engine you should be fine with just over 90 CCA's
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