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Old 10-28-2008, 02:03 AM   #1
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Drives: 08 Yaris Sedan
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Auto Shop Local Bay Area Genuine Toyota Parts Low Low Price with Warrenty

So when im not fixing up my car I work in a auto shop in el camino as a service writer as well as mechanic.

Anyone who needs work fixing or modding thier car we only use real toyota parts. All the parts come in the box that say toyota on it as well as fluids. Plus our prices are very very low. Labor rate is 80 dollars a hour which is cheaper than most anyone as well as we never charge above book rate. Plus we offer discount for first time customers and have low cost oil changes for $16.95 which is usually shell oil that comes in the bottle. Not the greatest but its still better than bulk oil which is what you get most other places which is recycled oil. Or if you dont mind paying little more you can get synthetic oil which we do nearly at cost. For about 40 bucks.

If anyone is looking for a shop to have thier car serviced please feel free to email me for quotes.
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Heart Up! Vitz
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Will you be willing to do a 07 LB - 08 LB S center console gauge cluster swap? I went to Fremont Toyota and a knowledgeable rep. gave me a print out of the whole wiring schematics differences of the 07 and 08 Yaris yeah..If you guys can do that, I'd be willing enough to come by and be your customer~ Also same goes for fog light installations for the LB as I do not have fogs yet, dont want to do the wiring myself either~
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