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Exhaust Manifold to Pipe Donut Gasket

Searched forums but can't find the information I need. I need to replace the exhaust donut gasket between the exhaust manifold and downpipe. I ordered the gasket from Rock Auto (Walker Part No. 31619) and Spring Bolt Kit (Part No. 36454) but have seen where members say it is the wrong size part. Does anybody have experience with the 31619 gasket? Is it in fact the wrong part or is the size just slightly different from the over priced Toyota part but still works just fine?

The bolts on my 2009 Yaris are pretty corroded, so I am concerned with one or more breaking off as they thread into the exhaust manifold flange. I have considered drilling out the exhaust manifold flange holes if a bolt breaks off (and use thru bolts) but it's so tight that it looks to me like I would have to pull off the exhaust manifold. Of course if I had the exhaust manifold out I would likely be able to get the broken stud(s) out.

1) Is the Walker 31619 gasket a good part number? If not, is there a readily available, reasonably priced aftermarket part available?

2) Is this work best performed under the car or topside behind the engine or both? (I haven't scoped out the job, but did jack it up to get a quick look.) Looks really tight from below. People mention use of a torch but all I have is oxy-acetylene and as I said, it looks pretty tight down there.

3) If a bolt does snap (happens to the best of us on occasion) what is involved with removing the exhaust manifold? I'm told it is removed from the top. Does the cowling at the back of the engine bay have to be removed? (I know it's tight back there too.)

I'm an ex nuclear plant technician so have a habit of planning my jobs very carefully. In all likelihood I'll be able to get these fasteners apart with minimum hassle but always like to have a "Plan B" in mind just in case. Besides, it's my only ride and it needs to be done in a day. I appreciate anyone's experience, especially when the job didn't go as planned.
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Originally Posted by yarisinpa View Post
1) Is the Walker 31619 gasket a good part number? If not, is there a readily available, reasonably priced aftermarket part available?
Yes I had that same part put on my car 4 years ago.... I has muffler shop do the work along with studs. The Walker part works fine as I also used it on my old 2002 Toyota Echo with no issues...
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