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long time lurker, first time poster

whats up guys? thought i would introduce myself after following these boards for the past few months...

i've been looking to buy a yaris and now that the inventory is starting to grow i figured now would be a pretty good time. i visited two stealerships tonight, one of which i had to get up and walk out because they were feeding a big heaping pile of . the second dealership gave me an appropriate offer but i am sure i can get them to come down just a tad bit more.

basically i want the base model LB yaris with 5spd tranny. no options if possible, however, i know this is a bit hard to come by so i will settle with what i can get. so far i've gotten the choice of a bayou blue LB yaris 5spd ($11,600) with the convienence package ($630), and the stupid vehicle shield ripoff package ($349) but they said they would deduct that charge (which they should). i don't want power anything and i could really care less for the convienence package but i don't mind paying for it if that's what it comes down to. they told me they can do this car for $13,454 out the door. seems pretty good to me. i told him it was close but i can't go over $13,000. i might be able to swing it if i walk in with a nice $1000 down payment in CA$H, they might fold and give in...who knows. he said there would be a little bit of room to negotiate. we shall see.

i also got another quote from another dealer who said $13,150 out the door. i am going to try and visit him tomorrow. mind you, they said the cars should be arriving soon so nothing is set in stone yet.

thought i would let you all know you might have a new yaris owner here in your forums.

take care and drive safe!
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Welcome to Yarisworld!
Don't get too attached to what car you "order" at the dealer. Toyota's official policy (as told to me from their California corporate headquarters is that they do not do "special orders". BTW if you want anything not sitting on the lot (dealers stock) they consider that a "special order . While every effort will be made to get you a car exactly like you want they won't garrantee(sp) it.

My experience went like this. I went to the local dealer in April and asked for, and put a deposit on, a white or blue, 5sp, LB with no power options. They (the dealer) gave me a print out that reflected my approx $13,000 Yaris and its configuration.

After two months (and no car in sight) I called and emailed Toyota Corp. headquarters to basically ask WTF dudes where is my car . This is when they told me their stand that anything not received from dealer stock is a special order and while every effort will be made to satisfy me Toyota does not,,, yada, yada, yada . They did however get in touch with my local dealer (I didn't know this at the time) and "arrange" for me to get a car that was close to what I wanted .

So in July the dealer calls to say that he has "mostly" good news. They actually have a white, 5sp, has power windows, power locks and ABS and also stickers out at about $14,200 . He says I can have 1st shot at it or wait for one closer to my original specs. I had already read enough stories on this board about people and their wait times to convince me to go for it.

In the end I think the dealer was fair and honest with me (if I get the least bit played I'm off like a prom dress). And the car has been great (just completed an awesome 3,500 mile round trip) running like the excellent Toyota that it is .

In the end be flexible and use all the resources you can (local dealers, salespeople. corp headquarters) and you should be able to get what you want or at least something very close.

Good Luck!
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