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Wink Lazy door locks ‘99

After reading up I decided to tackle the intermittent locking on both rear doors.
You need:
Philips bit, Tory bit, 10mm socket, hook tool.

Mine had manual windows, so use the hook tool to remove the retaining clop on the window winder.
Undo two philips screws , on on the door release and the other in the bottom of the door pul.

Unclip the bottom of the inner door panel. Work up to the top and jiggle the door panel off.

Looking at the inside of the door
Peal back 14 of the inner door plastic. With the 10mm socket undo both bolts of the w guide to allow it to flex. Also undo the bolt on the lock bracket.

looking at the end of the open door
Using the torx there are three bolts

Looking inside the door there is a mild steel rod with a plastic clip. Using a pointy tool prise the retaining clip up 90 degrees and remove this rod from the hole.

Jiggle the lock out, gently flexing the window guide taking care of the child lock lever. There are two screws that hold the actuator onto the lock Mechanism.

Push the retaking clip in and unplug the electrical socket.

Identify your lock! Take pictures. See if it is two wire , or six wire.
Mine was two wire, and all the ones on eBay had an extra plastic cam on the spigot that moves the lock. I gambled and they prise off.

Reassembly is mostly reverse of what you did, jiggle the lock in, Tory bolts, 10mm bolts, put the mild steel rod in and retaining clip. Clip any cables back in thier guides, stick the door menbrane back on , repairing any tears with duct tape. TEST THE LOCK, Then refit the inner door panel, tease the rubber over the door panel below the fixed window. Screws in, refit the window winder...

1st look 1hour, when the parts arrived 20 min per side...
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