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I've made a post!
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Oil Pan installation

I changed the oil on my 2007 myself for the first time (bought used last year). The Jiffy Lube (sticker on the window) tech stripped the drain plug, so I ordered a pan from Autozone + FEL-PRO Oil Pan Gasket OS30751. This is why I like to do my own oil changes, plus the filter was tightened on so tight I needed an Irwin expandable wrench to get it off
It came with 2 tubes of RTV sealant but the product description says it's for the upper oil pan gasket and the Fel-pro composite gasket is supposed to be installed dry. Is this correct. Obviously it didn't come with instructions as it's meant for pros not shade-tree mechanics like myself.
Also, what's the torque for the bolts? I was going to pick up a torque wrench at Harbor Freight to do the job. Do you also think that the new drain plug that came with the new pan needs to be tightened? I'd just assume leave it alone. P.s. I have the Harbor Freight 302 piece socket set so I'm confident I can do the job myself. I think it's a 10 mm socket? Thank you fellow Yaris enthusiasts!

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Cletus Garfunkle
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The rtv I've always had luck with using rtv on one side of the gasket but I'm not a mechanic just a regular Joe Shmoe who takes on some minor repairs when needed.

The Toyota manual says 80-inch lbs (inch lbs not foot lbs they are very different)

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Old 05-31-2021, 01:53 AM   #3
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use just rtv, those goofey gaskets are a waste of time and dont work well when aluminum mates with steel
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