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I've made a post!
Drives: 2007 Toyota Yaris Hatch
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2007 Yaris Inspection to Buy and Oil Leakage

I am interested in buying a 2007 Yaris, 4 dr hatch with only 59 000 km.
My colleague at work got it from his grandma who bought it new and rarely drove it, and car was in garage most of time.

I test drove it and did visual inspection this week and all was good except noticing dirty black engine oil leaking from the oil filter when car is running. The leakage stops once the car is off.

I checked the oil dipstick and was almost empty and also dark black.

The car runs very well and I am trying to figure out what might be cause of this oil leakage, specially since oil has been changed a while ago and it only started to leak from filter suddenly. Also, why does it only leak from the oil filter even though, it seems to be tight enough when I checked?

The car owner took car to get oil change and do not have news and supposed to be seeing car again next week to finalize purchase.

Owner told me that the $2750 CAN price is very good specially for the car' s low mileage but should I be worried about the oil leakage situation?

Other than oil situation, car has a crack and scratches on bumper and minute rust inside door, and passenger side window hesitates a little and makes a sound while going up and the speakers sound a little off and not the best.

There is also an issue with ABS as it is not working at moment. So I have ordered the bluedriver OBD2 reader so that I can scan and check the ABS code to see how much and if it would be worth fixing.

So any idea what might have caused this oil issue and if I should be worried or go ahead with car purchase, considering price and present car situation?

It was my first time driving a Yaris and honestly, it was much better than anticipated.
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Old 09-16-2019, 07:57 AM   #2
Drives: 2007
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Pay the money to have dealer inspect.
Should run just over $100. Negotiate cost of repairs from purchase price.
Then you know what you are getting.
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Old 09-16-2019, 10:32 AM   #3
Drives: 06 2ZR Turbo Yaris RS
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When I bought my 2008, it was very low on oil. It took almost 3L to bring it up to full. The car has always had a very subtle valvetrain tick, but it hasn't changed in the almost 100000 km we've put on it. It uses no oil between 7 - 8 km oil changes.Top it up with oil, run it and if it sounds good and runs well, you're probably just fine. That price is exceptional for that low an odometer reading. I'd be inclined to look very closely at it as a potential purchase. If you do buy it, a couple very short oil change intervals - around 1000 km each - should clean it out well. I did 3 1000 km changes and now my oil looks exceptional at change time.

The most common cause of the ABS code is a failed rear wheel speed sensor connector. The connector allows water to seep in and corrode the pins which are on the wheel sensor side, not the connector side. I posted about how I addressed this issue by using a sewing needle as a contact point. It hasn't failed since I did this. I filled the connector with grease or some kind of rustproofing. There is a sequence of flashing lights on the dash that can be activated by placing a jumper between 2 pins on the OBD2 port. It's in the forums here somewhere. It should identify which wheel is the issue. My money would be on driver's side. Typical OBD 2 readers cannot tell you anything about the ABS system, I believe. Also, despite what some may say, you do not need a complete wheel bearing assembly. You can buy just the speed sensor.

2006 Yaris 5 Door RS 2ZR-FE (2011 Corolla 1.8L) Swapped, Automatic, T-28 Turbocharged (8 psi), DIY W/M Injection, custom 3" cold air intake, custom 2.5" exhaust, TRD rear sway bar, Penguin Garage 13mm spacers (rear), custom Civic front lip, full repaint, Android 6.0 7" touchscreen, Rockford Fosgate speakers, tweeters, NVX underseat subwoofer

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