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Drives: 2010 Toyota Yaris
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Question 2010 Yaris HELP PLEASE Loss of power Steering and ETC

My Yaris was hit in run (L) corner rear bumper while parked, not hard but enough to crack the bumper, it could be a coincidence but that's when it all started. My battery light started to sporadically appear and disappear on the dash board and did so for a couple days. I took it to O"Riellys and the battery, starter and alternator tested fine. Confused because it still drove great, until the 3rd day, while driving my kids to school, I lost power steering, and the ABS light along with the battery light and break illuminated my dash board, followed by loss of dash board lights, stiff to no breaks and loss of power, it was a hot mess. I pulled over turned the car off then back on and like magic all was fine. Until that evening when it happened AGAIN...I turned my Yaris off, then back on and it was hesitant to start but within 5 minutes it did...PLEASE HELP, has anyone had this problem?

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