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I've made a post!
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Cooling fan not working??Will my machine blow??

Hi all,i have my Yaris since 2003-2004, and it was first run since 1999,since 2003-2004 except the alternator, nothing broke mechanically or electric(Except fuses and lamps)has broken,NOTHING,that's why i love this car,BUT since 3-4 days ago,i started seeing white smoke coming out of my right vent,only that, and it had a strange smell, i checked for the radiator cooling liquid and it was empty,so i put some cooling liquid i bought from a gas station and just drove off, next day i went to work and the exact same thing,i again filled it up, i checked the surroundings and there wasn't any drops of liquid on the floor, and it got my buzzled, then from time to time i stoped the car and checked the fan, it wasn't working(I do know that my car's fan doesn't work all the time,just when it's hot enough)but i did also turned the A/C and that should of kicked the fan to work,but that didn't).I am not a mechanic, i can't just say it's the fan, but i do think so, what do you people think. Thank you
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Sounds like a leak it the heater core, but Its strange you aren't getting puddles inside the car on the carpet. Time for a radiator leak down pressure test at the local service station to confirm. They need it overnight. Given the vehicle age, you have two repair options if that's what leaking. Replace the heater core which may be a pricey repair with teardown, or used a sealant added to the radiator. While sealants are a cheap repair option and the bottle usually says its permanent. Once one pressure leak is fixed another made pop up in a few days, so I'd recommend to more expensive replacement option as it saves time and money in the long run.

BTW, I wonder why the coolant sensor isn't signaling low coolant levels. it should also be tested/replaced with a new one.
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Originally Posted by 2009Toyotoad View Post
BTW, I wonder why the coolant sensor isn't signaling low coolant levels. it should also be tested/replaced with a new one.
That sensor simply reads temperature, not level. Same goes for oil, it only reads pressure, not level. There's a reason they're called idiot lights, by the time they turn on damage has probably already occurred.

Coolant if leaking from the heater core will more than likely just drain out of the same drain that condensed water leaks from for the A/C.
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