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  The Tire Rack

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Back Seat Removal...

Sorry to lag on this, I did it a couple weeks ago but haven't had time to prep the photos.

Start by removing all items under the storage hatch by "unlocking" the items:

Note the spare holder which protrudes above the relatively "flat" back - bummer #1.

You'll see that the seat frame is held on by 4 External Torx nuts (the other two are under the bottom seat):

The bottom seat frame is connected by two bolts, but removing these isn't enough to remove the seat. If you're planning on putting in a flat deck, you'll want to use this to mount to anyway, so don't remove it.

Instead, remove the seat by using a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to press in the tabs holding the seat cushion to bottom seat frame. Warning: This does not work like Scion bottom seats - if you try to force it, you'll rip the seat! (note - front of seat at the top of the photo, which is where the tabs are)

Close-up of tabs:

Removing the seat will show the next two torx bolts which screw through the back seat frame to the bottom seat frame. Remove these bolts, pull out the seat and replace the bolts (you'll probably want to use some 3/8" washers since the hole in the bottom seat frame is pretty big.

After removing everything you'll see bummer #2 - another protrusion with a cable coming out, which I'm assuming is the gas tank.

Lower angle shows the problem. If you want to put in a deck (like I have), you're going to have to add about 2 inches of height to clear the gas tank and spare holder:

Top view with everything removed:

In total it's about 100lbs saved if you're not going to keep a spare in the car. My big question is whether the back seat frame is actually a structural member. It's a pretty hefty bar...
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