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  The Tire Rack

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DIY: Custom Hidden Trunk Box (08 Yaris 3D)

Survived through Google cache

Found this and wanted to put it back up as well. Has a lot of good stuff.

Custom Trunk box for 3d 08 yaris

I saw what boyd did and figured I needed something simular

This would work for any sub the needs an enclose box that has a volume of

I used:
Two sheets of 3/4 MDF that were 2'x4'
box of 1 5/8 wood screws
bottle of gorilla glue

jig saw
skill saw

Gut out the trunk

Trace the tire area cover
*Note .. didnt know this until i was done .. but dont bother to trace the part that slides into the little cubbies in the back. just round those off with the jig saw.. if you put the nubs in there you wont be able to get the box in the trunk with the bottom chamber attatched... which will be necessary.. this way you can just drop it in.

Cut and make sure it fits

measure and cut

Two boards 13x6.75"
Two boards 17.5x6.75"
one Board 19x13

Trace the outside of the sub woofer this is so we can make the woofer set in the box rather than on the box.. you can see on the picture the placement of my 10" circle

Drill a hole somewhere on the circle so that you can get the jig saw into area to cut the circle out

I salvaged the front of a woofer box i had for the mounting ring.. but you can usually order a ring or look at the manual for your sub to get the mounting

you can also take the box the woofer came in.. alot of times they are made so the woofer sits in it.. take out the carboard and trace it to make the circle it mounts in.

After you have that cover it in glue, position it and screw it down.. it helps to drill some small holes before you screw it in so that you dont expand the MDF

here is what it will look like when its mounted

Once you have the ring on there assemble the sides and bottom ofthe chamber from the wood you cut before..

glue all touching edges before drilling and screwing.. that way they are sealed. when you get the box made you should use the glue like caulk and do all the seams on the inside to ensure a good seal.

it will look like this when you are done.. I started the box about 1" from the front of the platform so that it clears the lockdown tabs in the back .. i also cut handles into it. as far as where you mount it (left to right) it doesnt matter all that much.. since there is like 6" on either side between the box and the cubbies..

Then i set the sucker in there

next step will be heading to Radio shack to get a wiring terminal.. and then to a craft store for spray glue.. then to the local auto carpet store to get enough carpet to cover it.
I'm hoping that there will be enough weight with it all on there and padding with the carpet on there from keeping the box from hopping.
also there is about and 1" below the box so you dont have to worry about it vibrating the bottom...

at first i was considering using that hand bolt they use to keep the spare down the lock the box to the body... make it really resonate.. but i figured it wasnt worth the hassle

then when that is all set its time to install the amp.. probably under the drivers seat.

Thanks guys! thanks to Boyd too for the inspiration!

Final Pics:anyway.. here are the pics:
head unit pioneet DEH P 4000UB

Subwoofer... where is it?

wooop there it is!

lol i had to tilt it because i stripped a screw and had to drill re screw the woofer down to seal right

depending on the throw of the woofer you might want to counter sink the woofer a little more.
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