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Drives: 2009 Yaris Sedan 5spd
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Airbag - can't clear code 32 after rough passenger

2009 Yaris sedan. Canada. Airbag light on. Codes 32 & 35.

Can't clear code 32.

Backstory: Airbag light came on after a passenger w/ mental health issues had a fit of rage and was slamming themselves back into the seat repeatedly (we're working on the anger mgmt). The passenger airbag indicator says "Off" and the passenger seat belt light is flashing.

Check the codes with CTScott's procedure ( - actually I made up a little board with 2 wires and a toggle switch so I could reliably and rapidly connect & disconnect the TC pin.

The codes are 32 & 35.

Is there a post with the codes for the 2009 Yaris? I found this - but it doesn't specify Yaris

But given symptoms, I went with the descriptions that match:

32: Occupant Classification System
35: Seat Position Air Bag Sensor Circuit

I then followed the clear steps hoping it was just a glitch due to the aggressive behaviour (this is when the toggle switch on a piece of wood came in super handy!).

SRS light flashes to indicate all codes cleared.

Turn car off. Disconnect. Turn car on.

SRS light on. Passenger Airbag "Off". Passenger seat belt flashing.

Now what.

Check codes and 35 is gone. But not 32. I'm still getting a 32.

I tried adjust the seat, sitting in it, seatbelt on/off. And tried resetting the codes again.

Code 32 is still there.

So, I humbly ask you fellow Yaris gurus: now what?
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I am no expert...but...there are weight switches mounted on the seat rail (not the pad) if I lean on my passenger seat going around Left turn, or set my loaded lunchbox on the front seat and hit a bump...I get the flashing light...beep bit...I am certain on of your switches has been "over stressed" so its telling you that someone is sitting in the seat but not buckled in... (Kinda like when a 400lb guy stands on 200lb "Bends or Detroys sensors"
if my car starts beeping, I can grab and lift under the back of the seat and make it stop...
But as I drive alone 95% of the time w/lunchbox on the seat...I just buckled the seat in from back side. LOL!
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Repair List:
1 new blower motor, making funny noise. @ 91K (Water pump @ 120K)
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1. Black tape on most of the annoying blue high beam light behind the lens. (thank you CTScott)
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airbag, passenger seat, srs

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