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Reluctantly Crouched...
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Brake fluid capacity?

Does anyone know the capacity of the brake fluid system for a 2008 LB, non-ABS 5-speed? Going to flush and change over to Amsoil.
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Start another Oil Thread!
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buy 3 quarts so you can do a proper flush.

why not Motul?
Originally Posted by xnamerxx
I hate people like you (xbgod) because your the reason I don't come to this board. You spout nonsense and lies and people who don't know any better hold you in high regards because they can't tell the wheat from the chaff.
you nailed it sir.
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Reluctantly Crouched...
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Drives: 2008 Yaris HB M/T
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Amsoil dealer is a buddy. thx
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Just wanted to add...

The Motul Dot 4 has a 593F dry boiling point, Amsoil 580F. Motul 420F wet, Amsoil 410F. Both are excellent products!
I was using all Motul products for my Karts, but switched because the cost verses performance wasn't worth the Motul. I became an Amsoil dealer to get a lower cost and a high quality product without a performance loss (7 Karts to feed in my school). I'm convinced I made a good choice for the karts, my cars and truck and for the business. In fact I decided to make the Amsoil business my primary focus as a result.

Check out the following from an Evolution forum. Just one guy, many will feel different for sure.

I've been tracking my car for about 3.5 years now. I've got about 35 or so events under my belt. I've went through 3 sets of rotors, 5 sets of front pads, countless nights of brake bleeds, multiple brake fluid flushes, etc. I've had weekends with a solid pedal, a spongy pedal, I've cut session short because of hot fluid and even went off track because of boiled fluid and a total and complete loss of brakes.
I'll detail out the changes I've made over the years, what has worked, what hasn't and where I'm at now. Probably way more detail than is needed, but hopefully it will come in handy for someone.
Bottom line; just switched to AMSOIL DOT4 fluid and loving it!

Stock fluid
Stock pads
Stock rotors
I started very stock. Stock brakes and stock suspension with 305whp. I ran stock everything really - with just an exhaust and AMS Tune. Just learning how to make my way around the track. I slowly moved to an aggressive street pad in the front - PFZ's (Performance Friction Z Pads).

Motul fluid
PF Z / PFC01 front pads
255 RA1's
At this point I flushed out the stock fluid to run Motul brake fluid. Other upgrades included some some Swift springs and a RSB to help it turn, RA1's and a retune for 315whp. Braking was much more consistent with the fluid and better pads. Late 2007 I again needed new pads so I stuck with the PF line and went with PFC01's which is a track-only pad I would switch in for track weekends. WOW; what a difference. I had to relearn how to drive the car as it was very easy to bring ABS into play. Overall, the PFC01's might have been too aggressive for me. I usually had a good pedal, but it would get spongy for me toward the end of 20-30min sessions on some tracks. I figured it was normal.

Motul fluid
Hawk DTC60 pads
Goodridge SS lines
SP Performance front slotted rotors (rear stock)
Front Ti backing shims
Forge Air Cooling Ducts
255 NT01's
Lots of upgrades. Full coilovers, 255 NT01's for tires. Car weighed in at 3400lbs in April. Brakewise I switched to hawk DTC60's and added a bunch of other goodies. I started running TT (Time Trial) events to definitely running the car harder. I had several events where I would feel a spongy pedal, so I'd back off and run some cooldown laps to be safe. I accelerated my brake bleeding to after every weekend event. Almost always had a little air coming out of the fronts.

Motul fluid - (through July/2009)
AMSOIL DOT4 fluid - (as of Aug/2009)
Hawk DTC60 pads
Goodridge SS lines
'Blank' replacement front rotors (rear stock)
Front Ti backing shims
Forge Air Cooling Ducts
245 Hoosier R6
Pulled the car down to ~3280lbs and running either 310whp or 350whp depending on the event. I started trailoring the car this year as well, and that means I'm pushing it that much harder with the confidence of towing it home...just in case.
Mid-year I had a few offs because of boiled fluid. I think this was partially due to lack of airflow in the routing of my forge cooling ducts. But I really think the Motul should have handled it. One of these was a very scary departure where I left the track at 94mph (via traqmate) and was just fortunate there was enough runoff to slide to a stop.
I switched the car to AMSOIL engine oil. See thread HERE for more info. I also learned they had a DOT4 brake fluid that was similar to Motul. Since I had some issues already with losing my brakes and/or a soft pedal and the constant need to bleed, I figured I'd give it a shot as the specs were very similar. So I called up our local forum expert - Andy (apagan01) on the forums - and placed an order.

My first event with the AMSOIL DOT4 fluid was last weekend at BlackHawk Farms Raceway in Northern IL - nearly Wisconsin. Blackhawk is known as a brutal track on the brakes so it was going to be a great test. It was also forecasted to be around 95+ with a heat index of 105+.
Not once the entire weekend did I have an issue with the pedal. I ran full 15-20min sessions (4-5 per day) and I ran them hard. I would have usually had a slightly soft pedal and would have spent Sat evening bleeding the brakes - but I didn't bother. Instead just had a and relaxed.

Stay tuned for a detailed review on the install/flush process and my first track weekend.
06 EB Evo IX
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Check this out from a track day guy
One Year One Oil-AMSOIL at TRD Exhaust, Springs and Struts. TRD SSK. NST Underdrive Crank Pulley. Amsoil Dominator 10w-30 Racing Oil, Amsoil DOT4 brake fluid, Amsoil Severe Gear 75w-90 transmission oil, Ultra Racing 23mm Sway Bar, Camber Bolts, R1 Drilled Slotted front Brakes and SS Brake cables from Micro-Image. Orange Konig Daylight 17s, Kumo MXs.
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