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Broken Horn FIXED!

So about a month or two ago, my horn stopped working

Background: Bought my low mileage 08 Yaris, used, from a guy at a low price. It had been cheaply repainted and headlights were "upgraded" to HIDs... poorly. the wiring is a mess and I cannot figure out how to revert to stock. The positive battery terminal constantly corrodes, so it isn't the healthiest.

so my horn stopped working a week or two after I punched it (lightly) in anger

I thought I messed something up, so I thought I would fix it after my embarrassment subsided.


1) I opened up the horn and checked the 3x small white plastic horn switches and they surprisingly were not damaged, I checked the aluminum frame the horn is attached and it wasnt bent.

2) Checked the fuse... I should have done this first as it is the easiest to get to as well as checked for the relay click when the horn is depressed. It clicked, so on to the next step

3) Removed the grill (broke a tab) and pulled out the horn. I tested connectivity with the ground on the horn to the negative battery terminal and checked the wired connector to the positive battery terminal while someone pressed the horn. All good

4) Took the horn out and tested against a 12v power source and it beeped fine...

5) Reconnected the horn and connectors and tried the horn again. Nothing!

6) Examined all connectors and realized that the horn's positive spade terminal was corroded and after filing it down (and filing the ground hold for good measure) I reconnected everything back up and had success!

Lessons Learned: Definitely check the easy things first, fuses and relays. This would have saved me time opening up my horn on the wheel. Then I would double check all connectors and clean them up before reconnecting
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