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Drives: 2007 yaris
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DIY adding extra power outlets and usb power outlets on the dash to use phone as GPS

*****Please help, the pictures i added are not showing up and the html code to add a thumbnail isint either :( so I put them HERE for now and put the picture numbers after the steps*****

I also created an instructable to get around the picture issue.

hello, I decided to start this DIY since I was already working on it. I will be updating the first post as I advance.

I am currently doing the following things and will will give the steps for:

1- adding a usb power supply that will be coming out from the dash to power my phone that I use as a GPS when it is attached to the windshield
  • running the wires
  • powering them (see number 2)
2- adding usb ports that can be use to charge directly any usb powered device from the two little rectangles under the parking break stick \ near the current 12v supply
  • making a 12v to USB power circuit (both the complete DIY and the hack-up-an-existing-device way)
  • connecting the device to the power supply
  • making a face plate
3- adding a 120v plug
  • making a 12v to regular jack (using the hack-up-an-existing-device way and possibly the DIY way, not there yet)
  • connecting it to the power supply
  • making a face plate

Materials needed (this list is for the ones where you don't make your own circuit)
  • small snips (to cut tin plastic and wires)
  • needle-nose pliers
  • a flash light
  • Hot glue gun
  • Screw drivers (or whtever tool is needed to dismantle the adaptors)
  • 1\4 inch or 3\16 of an inch fuse container (depends on the device) x 2
  • soldering iron
  • solder (and flux if you have some, but if you don't no need to buy it, fresh solder added is enough to re-flux old boards)
  • Ethernet cable (easiest way to thread many wires at once and they are stiff enough to be easier to thread in the car)
  • USB port (can be recovered from any device or bought new or you can skip this and solder directly to your usb cable, not recommended due to the type of wires used in usb cables)
  • snap connectors x 10
  • wire (2 different colours can save you lots of headaches)
  • a usb to 12v adaptor and normal wall socket to 12v cigaret lighter adaptor

Step one- wiring the car. I used an Ethernet cable as it is rigid enough so taht you can twist it to make it point in different directions when you are pushing it where its out of reach and soft enough to bend around corner and such. I removed the paneling in the order show in the picture with numbers on the panels. It takes a bit of patience, a good flashlight (if you have one that goes on your head, it will save you lots of trouble) The red line shows approximately where I wired it. long needle-nose pliers can bu useful too for reaching. Make sure the car is OFF. (pics 1-7)

Next, you should remove the little bits of plastic inside the caps we will be using as our face plate, in my case I made a copy of it so that I can have as many caps as I want and still have the original in case i want to switch it back for the original. (pics 8 and 9)

Score the plastic according to the size of the USB plugs you will be putting through this cap. (pic 10)

Remove the fuse from the tip of the cigarette lighter plug (the tip should unscrew) and insert it in the fuse box that you will connect to the red power supply wire. (pic 11)

I removed the LED (as the whole thing did not fit in my cap) and rewired it so that it would go through a small hole in the leg of the cap. In retrospect, making 2 holes instead would have been easier. (pics 12 and 13)

You will need to take apart your 12V-USB adaptor. I use a 1\16th inch bit to drill along the edge (so that it would snap off without breaking useful parts, but a file can also do this) of the board to shorten mine as it as a bit too long and added 2 extra wires (circled in red) that match the color of the original calbes, this will eventually become our dash-USB cable for the phone being used as a gps. (pic 14)

Then, pick 2 wires from inside the ethernet cable we ran earlier (once it has been cut at both ends with about 1-2 feet of slack) and put the matching plugs (since all cables in the ethernet cable should be colour coded) and add the USB plug we put two clips on. Secure anything you need to secure and cover all the metal with electric tape; you can also secure the USB port at the other end of the ethernet cable on the dash so so everything looks as best as it can. (pics 15 and 16)

Sorry, none of the pictures want to show up.

<A HREF="">

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Drives: 2007 yaris
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: ottawa
Posts: 14
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charger, power supply, usb

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