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Electrical Headlight Nightmare


First I want to say thanks for everyone's contribution to this forum, I have been lurking it for many years.

I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback, Manual, 2 Door that is causing me a real headache. I bought the car with aftermarket Spec D LED headlights installed. They started to malfunction, so I just had them replaced with stock headlights.

About 7 months later here is the issue: Airbag light comes on briefly, usually when starting the car. Simultaneously one of the headlight bulbs burns out. It started with the passenger side (I replaced the bulb), and now the driver side goes out in the same sequence.

I took it into Toyota for diagnostics. They say the alternator is overcharging to 17v, and it should be ~14v. They think the voltage regulator (can that be replaced alone?) went bad and the alternator needs to be replaced, of course at an absurd price.

I suspect it is something wrong with the wiring job done when the LED projectors were uninstalled and the new stock headlights put in. I am taking it in to that same mechanic tomorrow, but he says he is unqualified but will see what he can do. I've called a few other local shops and they say the same thing - they don't want to mess with the wiring and make something worse. Problem is - Toyota says they don't know if new alternator will fix it themselves. I should also mention the battery is pretty new, it was installed 7 months ago too.

Please let me know if you have any advice, it is much appreciated.
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This is most definitely the alternator, and probably the voltage regulator within the alternator. It is unlikely that wiring has been tampered with to induce an overcharging condition
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