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Drives: 2008 Yaris Hatchback Automatic
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Crazy electrical problems.

Help Please!! My only vehicle and I make my living delivering with it. I am out of a job until resolved.

OK, this gets weird and may be multiple issues, I will just try to list the symptoms and the actions I've performed in the order they occurred.

My blower motor stopped blowing air. Also, you know the little amber light for the rear defroster? The one on the on/off button? Of course, it supposed to be on when the defroster button is in the on position and off otherwise. Well, it is on when the button is in the on position like it's supposed to be. But when the button in the off position it is still on. It lights up a little brighter when I turn the fan knob to an on position.

I checked relevant fuses by driver's foot and under hood by the battery - all OK.
I checked the the A/C relay - OK.
I checked for power at the blower, No power with switch in any position.
I did NOT check the resistor unit yet.(I will do that tomorrow)

Then, I drove the car and it died on me... no electrical power. The battery was in rough shape and I wanted to replace it anyway.

I replaced the battery.

Afterward, the battery light was strobing as I drove. I drove directly to the part store and they checked the alternator. It was bad.

I replaced the alternator. Belt is tight.

Afterward, the battery light is on, but goes off when the engine is running a bit faster than an idle.

I checked the replacement alternator by placing a continuity light between the hot terminal on the alternator and a ground. It lights up brightly. I will purchase a multi meter tomorrow and check exact voltage.

I drove the car a bit further and the check-engine light came on. At about the same time, the turn signals stopped working.

I went to the part store and borrowed their code reader, It showed a P0705 error, which is a transmission range sensor problem.

The LCD display that shows what gear is selected is now flickering.

It still seemed to drive OK and there doesn't seem to be a loss of overall electric power, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyone have any ideas?
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