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New Yaris and bluetooth music broswing (AVRCP 1.4)


I have a brand new Yaris, my iPhone 4 (iOS 6) is connected via bluetooth and can play music, however I cannot browse through the artists, songs, playlists etc.

If I plug it in via USB the browse button appears and browsing works fine.

I have done some digging on the internet and found that AVRCP is the protocol used to display track names, browsing etc. AVRCP 1.4 enables browsing.

From what I can gather iOS 6 does support AVRCP 1.4, and the manual for the Yaris shows the browse button in the photos.

So my question is, has anyone got a device which does bluetooth browsing in the new Yaris' or does anyone have any definative answer on whether the Yaris supports AVRCP 1.4

Thanks in Advance!
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According to the Official Bluetooth SIG group database the iPhone 4 only supports AVRCP 1.0

The entry for iOS 6 does state that it supports AVRCP 1.4 but just because an OS can support a feature doesn't mean that it does on all hardware.

I also checked with my Android phone which only supports AVRCP 1.0 and I get the exact same behaviour as you describe. When plugged into the USB I get browse button enabled, album art and track names. When connected via bluetooth I just see Unknown [1/133].

Edit: Strange!!! Apple says your phone should work, perhaps the Bluetooth SIG database is just out of date?
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