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  The Tire Rack

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If it fits on a 2012 it will fit on a 2014.
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Originally Posted by Dliverance View Post
Hi gang. I made the upgrade to a 2012 from my 2008. Iíll be putting all of my other oarts on the new car. For those of you who havenít seen my other thread, I have some BC racing coilovers, a Recaro seat, Sparco wheel, some volk TE37Vís and a power enterprise supercharger that will be going on the new car.

I will also be swapping the front end of the Ď12 to an SE front end. I think Iíll have the only two door SE car :). So far Iíve ordered everything I need and Iím just waiting for parts to show up. Hopefully the bumper reinforcement and headlights are the same. Hereís an almost complete list of the parts Iím using. The only part that I ordered thatís not on this list is the chrome surround piece for the lower dam. I ordered that the next day.

I can list the part numbers individually if someone else wants them. All in it cost me about $380 for the parts. Fog lights not included since I already had them from my other car.

what website did you buy your parts from?
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Looks terrific, good job !
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