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DIY - JDM RS style REPLICA tails


haha, recovered this info from google cache!! and just plugged my photobucket pics back in

there is more than one way to do this of course... i replaced both connectors. other people have simply removed the pins from one connector, inserted into the other, and wrapped with electrical tape or that heat shrink stuff.

* * *
ok, here's my diy. the first couple steps are the same as rage2 described in his excellent diy for the jdm taillights.

tools i used: 10 mm socket, flat screwdriver, wire stripper/crimper. i also got new connectors described below.

you first remove the access panel with your screwdriver in the little slot at the top

remove the two bolts holding on the light. pull the light pretty hard to disengage from clips.

use your screwdriver to press down the tab on the wiring harness connector... pull and jiggle to disconnect.

make sure the plastic clips stay on the car

now here's where my install differed from the jdm. i replaced both connectors--on the stock wiring harness and on the new replica taillight--with a set of male/female interlocking 6-pin connector from radio shack, though any similar connector that holds 6 wires or more should work just as well

cut off both connectors, strip wires, crimp on new leads.

insert leads into new connector on EITHER the taillight or stock harness. you will then need to match the wires for the other.

the radio shack connectors only go together one way, so i checked to make sure which end was "up" on both. then i marked the position of where i wanted my negative wire (the blue circle) on both so it was easier to tell what was supposed to go where.

here's how to match the wires. the colors are the SAME on each light but DIFFERENT for passenger and driver side on the car.

wires on light -- wires on car

red/blue = red (reverse light)
green/yellow = yellow (turn signal)
green = grey (smaller bulb)
green/white = orange (brake light)
black/white = black/white (negative wire)

light -- car

red/blue = brown (reverse)
green/yellow = light green (turn)
green = green (small bulb)
green/white = purple (brake)
black/white = black/white (negative)

plug the connectors together and test function. press lights into position, reinstall and tighten bolts, replace panel covers, DONE!!

yes, i am ashamed my car is so dirty, i am going to wash it now!!
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