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Old 09-28-2021, 03:53 AM   #1
Drives: Yaris MY2010 1.33l SOL 5d
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Question Clutch suddenly not disengaging after high revs

Hi everyone,

New to the forum and trying to utilize your combines knowledge of our beloved (or hated, depending on your experiences) Yaris.

Basic info: 1.33 VVT-i, 100 Hp, [SCP9_, NSP9_, KSP9_, NCP9_, ZSP9_], MY: 2010, motor code: 1NR-FE
Manual 6 speed gearbox, start-stop.

To the point: My Clutch suddenly stopped working (no longer disengages) after driving away from the traffic light.
I was driving away fast (pushed off the road almost by a dodge RAM that wanted to cut me off... david vs goliath ) and I let it go almost into the rev limiter in 2nd gear and then suddenly the clutch did not disengage anymore and have been driving the rest of the way home without a clutch.

My biggest problem now is finding the point of failure, I have bled the clutch until it seemed empty (pedal was totally lose) and then reverse filled it up again. (from the bleeding valve pushing the brake oil in with an oil can). Did not help. The pedal feels normal again but the clutch is still not disengaging.
I did not find any drops of fluid under the car either so seemingly no leak.

Sadly I do have a CSC (concentric slave cylinder) that is located inside the clutch bell. (so if it leaks, it probably will leak in there...)
So no easy checking or replacing of the slave cylinder.
Having everything replaced will be about 2500 = 3000$ which is basically half of the value of the car right now.

So I will have to do it myself hence about 1800$ is labor costs, but being a single dad with 4 small kids.... having time (and money) is a luxury.

And before I start taking the whole transmission out to reach the clutch and the slave cylinder:

Can anyone point me in the direction of the most likely point of failure and how to check this (hopefully easily)

You will have my eternal gratitude.

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Old 09-28-2021, 08:06 AM   #2
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Drives: No longer own a yaris :(
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So does the pedal still go down to the floor even though it won't disengage or does it have resistance?
I'm a hermit named Lee
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Old 09-29-2021, 02:28 AM   #3
Drives: Yaris MY2010 1.33l SOL 5d
Join Date: Sep 2021
Location: Scandinavia
Posts: 2
Originally Posted by Leegamer View Post
So does the pedal still go down to the floor even though it won't disengage or does it have resistance?
Yeah, it feels like it works normal.. although I do not feel a certain point of where it should disengage, there is no difference in resistance when pushing down (after the initial free play of about 1/2 inch)

After bleeding it almost empty until it did not push anything out anymore, the pedal was very lose and easy to push down, I refilled it from the bottom (bleeding valve / nipple) to prevent air bubbles.

Pedal works now normal but clutch does not disengage (like before the bleeding / changing the fluid)

No drops under the car, no liquid from the reservoir disappearing...
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Old 10-19-2021, 01:01 PM   #4
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That's a tough one. If I were you, I would try to find a part of the bell housing from underneath the car that I could drill a hole big enough for a cheap borescope from Harbor Freight and take a peek in there while someone steps on the clutch. Problem is I don't think you have Harborfreight in your part of the world. After determining the cause through that hole, I'd simply tap it and put a bolt in it or just find a tight fitting bolt and with oil, go a little bit in, little bit out, a little bit further in, and back and forth until you make your own threads..... Drilling from underneath will prevent any shavings from falling into your bell. You just have to determine where you can drill safely.

As for the real cause, we know your clutch isn't disengaging, so you're looking at either a bad throw out bearing, bad pressure plate or bad slave cylinder. I am unfamiliar with the concentric slave cylinder mechanism, sorry... but I don't know how it can feel normal if it is not disengaging your clutch. Is it perhaps something that can somehow break from it's attachment and move AWAY from the pressure plate instead of pushing against it? (Like a person pushing against a wall and feet sliding backwards.)

Be real careful where you think you might drill! :-)
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no clutch

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