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Exclamation Colour Collection 05 Reg (UK) brake noise

I wonder if anyone can help me please. I have been reading this site to try and find out what the noises are that are happening when I brake.

A bit of history- I bought my Toyota Taris petrol 1.0 VVT-i colour collection in June 2005 and have drive it for 10years, mileage approx 62000 miles. I have never had any major issues with the car. The year before last when I had to replace the central section of the exhaust (a week after the MOT test) and I had to replace the passenger (left) rear wheel bearing in 2014 a month after the MOT.

This year's MOT and service was on the 19th of June and I hadn't been having any problems prior to it. They cleaned up and adjusted the rear brakes and replaced the front brake pads-nothing else needed done to pass the MOT. I heard a clicking noise when I touched the brake pedal everytime, once I left the garage. I had only been driving 10miles to work and then 10miles back everyday but then I drove 30miles to a friend's house the week after the MOT and my brakes failed. I was fortunate not to have an accident, as I pressed the pedal right to the floor with no resistance and no braking. I was very close to my friends and when I pulled over in front of her house I had to work down the gears to stop. Her husband looked at the car and thought he could hear something rubbing on the rear drivers side (which was also roasting hot and smelled of burning).

I took my car back to the garage where I had an MOT and service and they looked at it and said "everything's freed up, we can't find any faults". I took my car back and have driven it for a further 2 weeks (only to and from work). The clicking noise has not gone away this whole time. Last night and this morning driving to and from work I heard a noise when I was breaking (the click was still there too). This new noise was longer and happened when I was approaching lights at 30mph and slowing to a stop. It kind of sounded like a pressure/airy/friction noise, but not thudding or clicking, or like grit/stones are in it I don't think-it wasn't really loud). It sounded like it was coming from the rear driver's side (right), but I guess you can sometimes be mistaken when you're inside the car.

I took my car back into the same garage and told them I wasn't happy with the brakes still. They've looked at it and said they can't find any faults (again), but the clicking noise might be the front caliper slides moving as they had been freed off. They said I'd need new ones on both sides. They said nothing on the other noise (which I am more worried about) and would take my car a drive to see if they could hear it.

I called Toyota and they didn't have any advice, but it would cost for them to look at it (where as the local garage have to look at it for free because it was them who worked on my brakes recently). My car has front disk brakes and rear drum brakes.

I'm not sure what to do-I'm not confident my car is safe.

Any advice would be so very welcome!!!! Many thanks
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