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Old 04-21-2019, 08:32 AM   #1
Drives: '09 Yaris
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Removing backseats ('09)?

Hey folks!

I bought an '09 Yaris as a summer travel vehicle, and also to replace an aging Tacoma. I don't ever envision my 6' sons or really anyone being in the backseat of this car. I get that I could fold down the seats evenly, but would seem much more spacious to remove the seats and lay down a plywood panel base. I could even remove my front wheel of my bike and mount the frame/fork to the board! Anyone remove the seats ever; any concerns I should have doing this? Thanks
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Old 04-21-2019, 09:02 AM   #2
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I've done this to most of my hatchback cars in the last 30 or so years. The only concern might be road noise. Some are noisier than others when you take the seat out but the right carpet on top of the plywood can make a big difference.
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Old 04-22-2019, 07:24 AM   #3
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Hey suprf1y,
Kudo's on Sherman & Mr. Peabody.
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Old 04-26-2019, 01:35 PM   #4
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I'm 5'6. One time, I took some co-workers to lunch in the little '08 2 door hatch.

My friend drove. He is 6'2"

The other guy sat in back, 6'4"

That dude's wife, pregnant, and 6'2" sat shotgun.

Nobody complained about space. Granted, they were medium built, not heavy.

Some have removed the back seat, but kept the bottom base of the seat. Then they place the wood over that to create a more even surface. Something like that. It adds support and makes installation easier.

There are threads on here somewhere. Older ones, so some searching required
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Old 04-28-2019, 01:50 PM   #5
Drives: 2003 Tundra, 2008 Yaris
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I just pulled the back seat out of my 2008 3 door hatch. I don't think I'll ever have more than two people in the car, so I wanted the space and I wanted to lose the weight (60 lbs according to my bathroom scale for the seat back and bottom combined). I don't plan on replacing the seat with a platform or anything. I did take the opportunity to pull the spare out and vacuum under/around all the panels.

Then I threw about 60 lbs back into the car - a couple duffel bags with a bunch of bike gear and tools and some car tools. And a rack on the hitch. Before I had a rack for the hitch I just threw my mountain bike in the back with both wheels off. It's maybe not as 'cool' as rolling up to the trailhead with a lifted truck and a 4-bike 1up rack, but saving a ton of money on gas means more mountain biking!

Here's a picture from the back with the seats out. Let me know if you want any other pictures or tips on removing the seat.

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Old 05-17-2021, 06:23 AM   #6
Drives: Yaris 2009
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Great idea.

Anyone have any pictures of fitting a MTB into that space with seats removed?

I am in the same position.
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