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  The Tire Rack

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I've made a post!
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Location of Water Pump

I have tried to find this information online, but to no avail. My husband left town, and down the road a ways his check engine light, coolant light and trac off light came on. His tire was all wet from coolant (possibly why the trac off light came on), he put coolant in and (I think) the coolant light went off, but the engine light is still on. He drove a ways again, and stopped to see how things were. There is more coolant over the tire, and behind the radiator. Hoping it is a hose or line, but really I am wondering where the location of the water pump is wondering if it is leaking and spraying out towards the tire. Someone at the gas station told him he things the water pump is encased in the engine. This is a rebuilt engine because the last one they said the serpentine belt broke, burned up the water pump and burned up the engine. So if the water pump is in the engine, then we probably didn't even get new stuff (serpentine belt, water pump). Help soon would be awesome. He is staying the night where he is at, and going to try and find help in the morning...a Sunday morning in Utah. =/
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Not typical for a wp to soak the tire. Its on the right hand side of the engine and is driven by the outside flat part of the belt. The pulley for it is flat also that's how you can tell.

Its not on the inside of the engine whatever that means.

I suspect a hose.

Goodluck and tell us what happens!
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