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O2 sensor wiring, mouse damage...

2021 2-door hatchback.
A while back I got a bunch of codes (O2 sensor #2 stuff and the fuel tank fume system) and the ABS/brake light came on around the same time. Everything was working fine, so I lived with it for a while, but inspection is coming due so I had the car into the mech I use when I can’t/don’t want to do something myself. Turns out a mouse has been making a mess of things- in spite of the car being used to commute to work every day… The mechanic repaired the chewed up bits involved in the fuel tank fume system, but couldn’t find where the wiring for the O2 was chewed up, somewhere up behind the dashboard (where he did find a big mouse nest....). His time was limited as he was just about to close for 6 months for knee-replacement surgery… He said he thought the ABS light was probably also a chewed wire, but that problem won’t fail the inspection, just the O2 code. Took the car to another local shop where it has been for 3 weeks now and I keep getting a run-around from them when I ask whats going on. They claim to have looked at it and couldn’t find the problem, but were going to look at it again when they ‘have a chance…’ I'm going to pick it up, un-fixed, today.
I’m wondering what the possibility is of completely by-passing the existing wiring for the O2 sensor to avoid having the dash pulled out to track down where the wiring is chewed through. The car is getting old, has pretty high miles- I really don’t want to have to spend $1k on a damn mouse-gnawed wire… Where do the other ends of the O2 wires connect to the electrical system/computer? Is it all way up under the dash, or could the original wires be cut at either end and new wires spliced in and connected by an alternate route?
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I'd look for an ecu pin out and then run new wires through the cabin
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