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Old 03-01-2019, 08:50 AM   #1
Drives: 2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: Harrisburg, PA
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Talking ABS BRAKE light FIX sedan

I had the yellow ABS light and the red BRAKE light illuminated 24/7. My procedure fixed this on the first try, and it took two drive cycles for the lights to resolve. The job takes about an hour. My connectors were visibly crusty and this was my procedure for my 2007 Yaris sedan:

1. Remove rear wheels

2. Spray ABS connector liberally with brake clean

3. Insert screwdriver at the base of the connector, really close to the hub, and pry the connector off (maybe there is a proper way to take it off, search any replies) it will give and the connector will pop off, always one male end on the hub with one female end loose and connected to the wires (with a plastic cover/shroud that may come loose, appears to just latch back together, similar to a plastic Easter egg, but when my rear right didn't clasp back together I ignored it, it appears to just be a shield)

4. Spray inside the male and female ends of the connector liberally with brake clean, focusing on where the pins go but also cleaning the whole connector

5. Applied supertech multi-complex grease (red n tacky) to whole female connector. Smeared a massive glob on the whole connector that is attached to the wires (female end)

6. Press connector back together as far as possible, pressing firm multiple times

7. Reinstall wheel and torque lug nuts

8. Complete. Relax and do two drive cycles

I hope this helps. I couldn't find any information about this procedure and this solved those two lights on my dash that were preventing a safety inspection pass. My brake light now illuminates properly, only when I apply the hand brake. God bless and have a wonderful day

Keywords: clean, rear, wheel speed sensor, dielectric, contact
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Old 01-19-2021, 02:23 PM   #2
I've made a post!
Drives: 2007 Yaris sedan
Join Date: Jan 2021
Location: USA
Posts: 1
Ya, driving in MN slush last week, ABS and Brake light came on for my 2007 sedan. I thought I had been driving with E brake lightly engaged (has happened by accident, oops).

Took back wheels off, located the sensor, but I couldn't get the connector off without fear of breaking it. Brittle plastic tabs in the cold... The "eggshell" shroud that clips around it did come off, and I was able to stick the contact cleaner straw in the little gap between connector and housing, sprayed it good, wiggled it a few times. Then some WD-40 like other posts mention. Fixed my problem after driving down the street, it's been a week since.
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Old 01-24-2021, 09:47 PM   #3
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Drives: Yaris 06 - 5dr hatchback
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Location: Birmingham, UK
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Yeah - I had this with mine. Packed the connector with grease and it went away. I thought one of my wheel speed sensors had failed at one point because it got quite bad and the sensor would drop out completely.
- Yaris 2006, 1.0, 5 door hatchback "Betty" - 200,000 miles
UK to Nordkapp in a Yaris
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Old 11-03-2021, 02:37 AM   #4
Drives: Yaris TR
Join Date: Oct 2021
Location: Cheshire
Posts: 7
I’m having trouble with my left rear sensor, I did buy a new hub yesterday just to rule it out but when I plugged the sensor into the new hub before I commit to fitting it the fault came back however my plug looks relatively clean
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abs, clean, fix, light, wheel speed sensor

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